Maybe it hasn’t been that long…

Ok. So it has been over nine months. So I could have popped out one more kid by this time. In theory, of course. Alcoholics don’t necessarily make great mothers to newborns, so I think I will skip that…for forever. I already have big kids. Grown kids. College kids. Married kids. All teens or older. They don’t seem to be as warped as I thought they would be 3/4 of a year later. But they are and have been warped by me. By their dad. By both of our inability to quit drinking. But I can’t share his story. Just mine. Thankfully…. because I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be as kind to him as I should be. We are obviously in the same boat. No need to start whacking people with oars.

So, nine months. What have I been doing for nine months?

I went back to college. That did nothing for my drinking. I’m pretty sure it made it a slight bit worse and gave me an excuse to drink even more. Dumb. But I think in the long run it will be for the best. We will see.

My kid got married. Seems to be working well for them. I like who she married. She married someone on her level that knows how to treat her like a queen and she treats him like a king. Good match. Could have gone way worse. For example, her parents. Ugh.

I picked up exercising again. Should be able to run a 10K by this July, if I can sober up.

And stay that way.

Today is day one. Starting over. Again. Let’s see what happens.

Maybe I can blog more. It seems to help.

Way more has happened over the past nine months. I have a few stories. Just between us though ok? Wouldn’t want the whole internet knowing. O_O



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