24 hours is longer than you think…

Slept better last night since I didn’t drink. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to drink. I did. I had several thoughts about it. I just wanted to sleep. I remember laying down. Then I was out. Thanks for being sober for 24 hours… Pats self on back. Don’t get cocky….

Had to be up early to take the dog, who looks like a shaved llama, to the vet. He has some issues, but he’s fixable. (((Thumbs up)))

I realize it would be difficult for anyone to run across this site and figure out that this is me. This is my life. But it worries me. I want someone to read it. I want to interact with other moms that have this same struggle, but I don’t want my inner or even outer circle to know that I have such a horrible addiction. I guess I’ve always been one to pretend than to face reality. Lying to myself is one of my favorite pastimes.

I would like support. Especially from my alcoholic husband. Not really seeing that happen anytime soon. We have entire fridge dedicated to just beer. Upwards of 100 bottles in it right now. A few bottles of wine. About 10 of the largest sizes that they make in vodka, bourbon, scotch and rum. Some bootleg moonshine. All sitting there just calling my name. If it were up to me, I would trash all of it and start fresh. He won’t do that, because he doesn’t have a problem. Yeah. He’s lying to himself, too. Aren’t we a pair?

Will try to keep this sober momma straight….

6 thoughts on “24 hours is longer than you think…

  1. Hey! So glad I found your blog! I’m newly sober (three months now) and also a mum. It’s really good to read the experiences of others, especially other women, in the same boat. All the best, Sophie x

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