Day 18 and the world didn’t stop turning


As I said before, the longest I have been sober in the past ten years has been 18 days. So my sobriety app is telling me that I made it to 18 days and have saved $90. Well… maybe when I started this app, I was lying to myself about how much money I spent on alcohol each day. $5 a day? Yeah, maybe if I lived in Mexico where $5 is worth 94 pesos. Whatever. This new and improved sober Ray knows that is crap, so I’m gonna try to fix that part of the app. In all honesty, it would have been closer to $10 a day. At least.

So day 18. Now what? That was my goal. I did it. Now, my mind and my heart tell me 30 days is my next target. Seems reasonable. I think with that, I will be able to feel like I am moving in the right direction for good. Then, six months. Then, a year. I don’t have to drink to be happy. It’s actually the opposite. I am happier when I don’t drink.

Every day feels easier, but I’m not going to get cocky. The last time I did that, I literally guzzled an entire bottle of vodka and wound up blackout drunk and buck naked on the fourth of July. Our founding fathers would not have been impressed.

This sober momma is sticking to her soda water. I’m way less likely to wind up naked in a lake that way.


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