Need some sober answers

Does anyone else out there that is trying to get sober have a spouse that is hell-bent on being NOT sober? Like it seems like they make it their mission to get drunk every day in your face? Or am I the only one?

Would love to hear from you. Regardless of your answer.


3 thoughts on “Need some sober answers

  1. that sounds like a very hard situation, I am so sorry. do you feel like you could talk openly with your partner about this being difficult for you? again, so sorry that you are dealing with this. hugs from Vegas.

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  2. I’m going to be honest (and a bit brutal!): he sounds like a dick. He may be the most glorious soul in all other respects but when it comes to this WTF is he doing getting smashed when you’re trying to get sober? This is of course me assuming he knows you are trying hard etc. My husband asked me if I needed/wanted him to quit drinking too because he wanted to do all he could to support me in something he knew was serious and a huge problem for me (he’s a normal drinker by the way) but in my case it makes no difference if he has a drink or not – however, I imagine if he were an alcoholic and got drunk all the time it’d be a different story (my husband might have a glass of wine or two with dinner occasionally and once in a while have a few beers but getting full on drunk shitless is quite rare!!). If someone you love was desperate to stop a behaviour (addiction or otherwise) and it was important to them, you wouldn’t flaunt that very behaviour in their face, would you? That just doesn’t seem right and I feel really bad for you. I feel horrible saying this and being so harsh but it really does seem wrong to me. Sure, we’re all within our rights to choose what we do and you quitting drinking doesn’t mean he has to but to get drunk every day as you say seems really disrespectful. BIG HUGS. Sophie xx

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    1. He has even started asking me if I want a drink. Every single night. He caps it off with an “Are you sure?” when I say no. He is a complete dick for this behavior. It’s not right. I just do not know how to go about getting him to stop. I think he’s a narcissistic sociopath. But that’s just my opinion.


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