Sober Momma is Actually Sober. Today.

I started writing in this very public diary for one main reason, to know I’m not alone. Not in a “Haha! You’re an idiot just like me!” way, but in a “We have got to help and support one another because this is too f–king hard alone!” way.

So, I wanted to share this tiny a-ha moment with the people that read my rantings.

I woke up this morning and my very first thought was, “Oh my God! Where am I?!? What did I do or say last night?!? Am I in my own bed?!?”

I was in my own bed. I hadn’t done or said anything I regretted. I slept well. I am motivated to get all the sh-t done that I didn’t do over the weekend because I was drunk.

Today, I am doing my mom job. Happily. Sober.

Y’all can, too. We’ve got this.

Today is a new day.


4 thoughts on “Sober Momma is Actually Sober. Today.

  1. You’ve got to get out of my damn head!! I often read your words and wonder how you stole my thoughts and feelings before typing them out! I totally get that too, that moment of slight disorientation when I first wake and am gripped by that fear I used to have all the time of what I might have said and done. And the utter joy, relief and gratitude when I realise that nope! I didn’t drink last night! Thank God for that! Phew. Here’s to another day, buddy and well done on another day sober, you totally rock. Anna xx

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