Staying sober while having teenagers

Lord, have mercy. I need to find a handbook for dealing with teenagers.

Or in my case, a book dealing with teenagers while trying to stay sober. Maybe I should write that book…. OF WHAT NOT TO DO!!! Grief.

One minute, we can talk and laugh. The next minute, she hates me, talks about me behind my back and then when I confront her with it she snottily says, “Well I can guarantee you it’s all true! But you probably wouldn’t know if it happened or not!”

Ouch. My mother would have slapped me right in the mouth. I don’t believe in that. I walked away, rounded up all her electronics, got in a fight with her father about punishment for her (she’s his baby girl and can do no wrong and I’m evil) and am now waiting on her to get off the phone so I can take it as well.

I have three other children, two that are grown and gone, and they have never disrespected me like that ever. Where did I go wrong with this one?

One good thing I got right today? No hidden alcohol to drown it all out.

Ray is pissed, disappointed and disrespected…


5 thoughts on “Staying sober while having teenagers

  1. Funny timing! Had a shouting match with my almost-14-yearold last night. The usual conflict around screens and bedtime and what is appropriate/healthy balanced with what I expect from him. OK, there was more emotion because he has a very fraught relationship with his dad (lives with me and step-dad) and this kicked off again yesterday so I think we were both more highly strung and wounded than usual, but even so. He is, just as you describe with your daughter, sunny and loving one minute and the next I am the monster who is ruining his life….!! I wonder if it’s the Terrible Teens….. 🙂

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    1. Just curious and you don’t have to answer, but is your second marriage better? Are the kids, in your opinion, better off? Was your ex an alcoholic? Like I said, you don’t have to answer. I think the dissolution of my marriage would be better for everyone. I’ve never had problems with my children. My daughter enlightened me on what her attitude towards me was. She is blaming me for not leaving my husband. She’s blamed him all these years for being abusive to me, but now that she’s older, she thinks it’s my fault because I won’t leave him. Oh, the conversations you’ll have when all the electronics are gone. Ugh. I said for better or for worse and I meant that. Until it involved “little” people that didn’t ask to be here or be put in this situation. Thank you for taking the tome to answer me. I appreciate it more than you know.


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