Drunken Paranoia? Not so sure.

If you read this insanity that I call a blog, you know I don’t have the best marriage in the world. Some serious trust issues. Being an alcoholic and being married to one makes for a difficult life most days.

So today, I am dealing with a single, attractive female that is the new girlfriend of my husband’s “best” friend. She took my husband home after one of his drunk episodes. Keep in mind. They just met and do not know each other whatsoever.

Now… She drunk facebooked my husband yesterday. Here is the exact dialogue.

Her—- “I’m in your neighborhood… dropping off drunks again”

Him—- “Lol. That’s great. Don’t make a habit of that.”

Her—- “Gahhhhh…

Him—- “I certainly appreciated that. It was very nice of you.”

Her—- “It was fine… would not have offered if you were scary! Lol”

Him—- “LOL”

Her—- “I’m a lil drunky tonight… rarity”

Him—- “Dang…hate I missed that. it happens to the best of us…ha”

Her—- “yep. I’m all good… home & in bed” with a check mark and smiley face after her comment.

That was all that was said, but here I am wondering what the hell. I can’t decide if I’m more pissed over her drunk texting my husband or his “hate I missed that” comment.

And what do I want to do? Get the eff out of this house and go get wasted. Ugh. How does that solve anything? It doesn’t, but I don’t have the willpower of a sober-minded person. This is so frustrating.

Is my paranoia up AGAIN because I started drinking AGAIN. Or am I understanding this as a blatant “I’m home in bed” bullshit play at my husband?

Grief. I remember a few years back when this would not have even been a thought in my mind.

Stay sober, my friends. Drunken paranoia is a real thing and will destroy your soul.


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